What does it mean to WorkDeep?

To work deep is to examine the facets that make your work complex, to ask the hard questions, to mindfully examine options through diverse perspectives and choose actions that move you toward your desired state. Do work that is meaningful and empowering…work deep.

Does your organization:

. . . need to assess and shift it’s culture or employee engagement?

. . . need to develop leaders who understand how to lead in complex change?

. . . need to work more closely with stakeholders?

Does your team:

. . . need to build stronger trust and alignment?

. . . struggle adapting to change?

. . . need to be more innovative?

Do you:

. . . struggle to lead amidst constant change?

. . . try to balance work and personal expectations?

. . . want your work to be more fulfilling?

WorkDeep coaches, consults and trains leaders to navigate complexity while fostering conscious and adaptive change. Discover powerful and impactful ways to move forward. Work deep.

Deepen your work, with WorkDeep

The work goes deep utilizing human systems dynamics, co-active coaching, creative process methods and art of hosting techniques. All work is done in iterative cycles of reflection and action. Let WorkDeep help you with:

  • Leadership Development + Coaching
  • Team Coaching + Alignment
  • Culture Change + Evaluation
  • Learning Design + Development
  • Small + Large Group Facilitation
  • Professional + Personal Coaching

We are in complex and fast-paced times.

To make lasting change, you need to WorkDeep.


Lecia Grossman
I’m a leadership development facilitator, coach and learning designer committed to helping leaders and teams lead well in complexity. Learn more about me…


British Columbia Provincial Health Services Authority
General Mills
Intermedia Arts
Metropolitan Council
McKnight Foundation
St. Stephens Human Services
St. Catherine University Leadership Institute

What people say

. . . [Lecia] makes the hard conversations seem easier, and even the easy conversation seem more productive.

Wendy Morris
Wendy Morris

Director of Creative Leadership Programs, Intermedia Arts


. . . Lecia possesses a remarkable ability to present to me seemingly impossible situations in a new light.

Coaching Client
Coaching Client

Executive Leader


. . . [Lecia] is able to deliver sensitive messages in a way that engages and empowers participants. The impact of her work has been transformational.

Anna Kyllonen
Anna Kyllonen



What really stands out in working with Lecia is her original thinking and curious mind. [. . . ]

J. Sivaram
J. Sivaram

Leadership Development, General Mills


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