I’m a leadership and organizational development designer, facilitator, coach and learning designer who excels at helping leaders and teams work deeply to make choices that are meaningful and useful. I create environments in which people are authentic and motivated, and I’m especially dedicated to usefulness and sustainability.

I have served in all sectors and am drawn to opportunities where openness and innovation are desperately needed. Whether your issues are about your own development, or the development of your team or culture, I provide tools and insights that bring about action, change and build resiliency.

Human Systems Dynamics Institute
Coaches Training Institute
Human Synergistics


with a practical approach.

I excel in situations that require not only vision, but pragmatic implementation. Colleagues and clients come to me to help them see the big picture and possibilities, and the beauty in the details. I’ve established departments, forged new product distribution systems, and created multiple learning products. What sets me apart is my ability to turn possibilities into sound, practical outputs.


with a collaborative style.

I’m known for my boundless capacity to embrace challenge and change with curiosity and positivity. I create environments where people are authentic and motivated and relish opportunities to bring diverse perspectives together to learn, create, and strategize. I see change as not only positive and necessary, but the perfect opportunity to introduce new perspectives and ideas. I utilize participatory approaches such as Art of Hosting, co-active coaching, design thinking and appreciative inquiry methodologies to bring collaborative vitality to the work.


with a creative twist.

With more than 25 years of experience, a Master’s in Human Development and a certification in Human Systems Dynamics, I’ve got a rock-solid strategic foundation. My experience with the arts and creative process gives that strategic thinking depth and aliveness. My biggest thrill comes from figuring out creative new ways to approach difficult situations, making the process as engaging as it is effective.


In all my work, I strive to impact people in ways that are lasting and transformational. I thrive when clients are open to the change that can happen when one is truly mindful.

I push my clients to see their impact and make choices that affect the greater good. I lean into the opportunity for organizations to see how their work impacts society and how leaders can make their organizations places people can be their best.


My Passion...Social Innovation

My passion for dialogue and learning is found not only in my professional career but also in my community. In 2004 I founded the zAmya Theater Project, a theater collaboration of homeless and housed individuals aimed at increasing awareness, understanding and advocacy for the homeless. zAmya is still blossoming today performing at organizations, faith communities, outreach centers and theaters, including the Guthrie Theater.

If you are also interested in social innovation, let me know and 5% of the profits from our work together will go to support zAmya Theater Project.