Tea as my teacher

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. So, my teakettle has been getting a lot of use. Something is happening each time I pour my relaxing cup of tea out of that cheap white plastic kettle – it spills, every time, onto the countertop waiting with open arms. Ugh! I get frustrated every time. So this morning I decided to try something different. I started pouring it and laughed as it spilled on the countertop. Then I kept trying different angles and different speeds of pouring, to no avail. I never did figure out a pattern that really worked, but I at least it was more empowering (and entertaining! ☺), to try something different. My normal urge would be to just throw it out and get a kettle that is more pleasing to the eye and makes pouring tea more relaxing.

Then, I got thinking. Where else in my life do I wait until the brink of frustration to actually try something new – a new perspective, or new way of doing things? Or where else do I “throw things out” because they are frustrating? I’ve always said our trials are our teachers, but where am I not adapting, experimenting, or playing to learn? And where might I actually be “kicking out my teacher?”

In the coming week, take a pause when you start to get frustrated. Try on a new perspective, try a new way, invite in the teacher, and see what you learn.

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