What’s the 2% truth?

One of the things that stuck out for me in relationship and systems coaching training I took was the phrase, “What’s the 2% truth?” In other words, when someone is giving you feedback, or sharing something about you that you do not agree with – what happens when you stop and ask yourself that question?

When we don’t get feedback we agree with, our instinct is often to argue back, blame someone or something else, perhaps brush it off, or turn it around and make it about the person we received the feedback from. But when you stop and ask yourself, “What’s the 2% truth in that statement?” you are open to vistas of growth. Yep, there is learning in everything.

Well, yesterday was that day for me. One of the participants in the leadership program I was facilitating made a remark about me having ADHD and being a bit “scattered.” Whoa. Hands down. Stop me in my tracks. Quickly in my mind I started protecting myself with deflective thoughts. “I’m energetic and they see it as scattered.” “I’m working really hard to meet everyone’s learning style needs and that’s hard.” “I didn’t write the material I presented and it feels disjointed.” While my thoughts had some truth in them for me, letting them go and asking myself, “What’s the 2% truth in their perspective?” allowed me to dig deep and grow.  It was true. I had not been very grounded. I’m not sure I thanked the participant, but I am so very grateful for their feedback. I love my energetic, on-the-spot ability to change directions, and my keen attention to multiple needs – AND, this time, it came off as, well, “scattered.” So, humbly, I’ll admit, there was more than 2% truth in it!

Where in your life might you benefit from taking a pause and asking, “What’s the 2% truth in that?” Try it out and let me know what you learn!

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