Break out of your own perspective…and get empowered.

  • Break out of your own perspective…and get empowered.

I don’t know about you, but many of my friends, family and clients are dealing with a sense of being stuck…almost victimized. Yes, I’ll admit, I’ve been feeling a bit like this lately too. So, what do we do for ourselves, or with our clients and loved ones, to help us gain a sense of empowerment and possibility? And perhaps even kindness? Adaptive Action and Stance of Inquiry

Adaptive Action – What? So What? Now What? is HSD Institute’s simple iterative process, that when processed deeply, opens up invigorating energy and movement. We all take adaptive actions every day when we see what is happening in situations (What?), analyze it (So What?), and take action (Now What?) You see it all around you – look at the protesters, the migrants looking for a safety, the families with infighting. The key difference in Adaptive Action is that it points to useful action (not your habitual action!) as you analyze your situation to inform your next step. Adaptive Action helps you reflect on where you might only be seeing it through your own lens, the people you know, the experiences you’ve had, your education and preconceived notions. It is not easy to approach situations with an openness that brings about new ideas, perspectives and possible action. We need tools to help us be more mindful and to break open the gates to more ideas and perspectives.

In these times when it feels like we are all firmly grasping at own beliefs and perspectives, we need to help ourselves, and our clients, live our values and stay open to possibilities. So, what can help us do that? Here is one of my favorite HSD tools that I often use with my coaching clients – Stance of Inquiry.

  • Turn judgment into curiosity
  • Turn disagreement into shared exploration
  • Turn defensiveness into self reflection
  • Turn assumptions into questions

WHAT is your current situation?

SO WHAT new thoughts or ideas might you have if you stand in inquiry?

NOW WHAT will you do?

Can you see how this might help you in a jam you are in, or perhaps a decision you have to make? Can you see how this might help your team, your clients, your family? Using inquiry is a way to process the current situation, live your values and stay open to possibilities beyond your immediate response.

If you are a coach or consultant and would like to learn more tools to help you and your clients stay in choice, sign up for the Adaptive Action Coaching Lab that Royce Holladay (HSD Institute) and I are offering in March-April. Learn more HERE.

And post a response about what you learn by standing in inquiry!

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