What I Learned From My Vitamix

  • What I Learned From My Vitamix

Today after making a nasty tasting pea protein shake (which they usually are because pea protein is gross), it was time to clean my Vitamix. While I do not enjoy cleaning at all, cleaning my Vitamix is a joy. All you have to do is drop some soap and water in the blender and blend-wash it. It’s slick, easy and gratifying. Ok, maybe I’m a little eccentric, but it’s the small things in life for me. Anyway, as I cranked on the blender and watched it spin and clean the blender, I noticed something stuck to the side of the blender. Rats, those little flax seeds really get to me sometimes. I let the blender run and run, waiting for that seed to finally give up its grip on the side and get sucked into the washing funnel…but it didn’t let go.

As I reflected there looking at that flax seed, I realized that washing my Vitamix was a bit like life. We can shake things up to try and “clean” things up in our life and that is good. I love shaking things up! And yet, sometimes there are things that stick to you, like the flax seed — things that need more than a shake up and whirlwind cleaning. There are things that need close examination, scrubbing, reflection and attention. There are many ways to take steps in your life that give you a clean, fresh feeling. And the things you want to freshen up, what do they need? A burst of energy and shake up? Or a slower examination, scrubbing, and nurturing attendance?

Take a little time with your Vitamix life and see how you’d like to refresh it.

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